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very much. >> al is outside. go ahead. >> good morning. we have a tent for jeremy and melissa's wedding because the rain will keep coming down. we have remnants of nicole. ex-nicole but a secondary low pressure system has developed in north carolina. we have a tornado watch from the carolinas to washington d.c. until 1:00 this afternoon, with all this moisture streaming up here. we also have the risk of strong storms from cape hatteras all the way to new york city in long island, possibility of tornados developing during this system. here's what we're expecting. we have flood watches and warnings. you can see all the heavy rains making its way up the coast during the afternoon to early tomorrow morning. this rain lasts into new england until tomorrow morning. good news is the weekend looks pretty good. flash flood watches today into tonight and have flash flood watches as well why? rainfall amount, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. inland around washington d.c., parts of eastern pennsylvania and on in to central new york, 5 to 7 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. flooding is a bi
>>> venture capitalist jeremy liew gives away his secrets. the prolific blogger and writer talks about the sales of two gaming companies totalling more than half a billion dollars. and the demo conference where great ideas are born finally finds its way to silicon valley. matt marshall gives us a preview of the $3,000 event. our reporters tom giles and kim mcnicholas joins us. every once in a while you win big. case in point, light speed ventures. a venture capital firm that invest money in startups like playdom, both involved in online gaming. not the shoot them up games that most people think of when they think video games but the new trendy slower paced games like sorority life played on social networks, facebook in particular, they attract millions of players every month. what a venture capital firm wants is a payoff to make its investment public or sell it to a large company. that's what happened to the startups. the big playoff, playdom went to disney for a deal worth at the top end, $763 million. 763 million smiles for jeremy liew. jeremy liew is managing partner at light
a tent up for melissa and jeremy's wedding thankfully because this rain is going to keep coming down. let's take a look and see what's going on. we've got the remnants of nicole. these -- it's ex-nicole, but a secondary low pressure system has developed in north carolina. we have a tornado watch from the carolinas to washington, d.c., until 1:00 this afternoon. we've also got the risk of strong storms from cape hatteras to new york city and long island. possibility of tornadoes developing during this system. we've got flood watches and warnings. you can see the heavy rain making its way up the coast during the afternoon into early tomorrow morning. this rain lasts into new england until tomorrow evening. the good news is the weekend looks pretty good. flash flood watches in effect today through tonight. we have flash flood watches and flood watches. why? rainfall amounts, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, but inland around washington, d.c., parts of eastern pennsylvania, and on into central new york, 5 to 7 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. so flooding is going to be a big problem
here, melissa and jeremy, and then once we spent some time with them we gave you our four choices for the reception location here in new york city. well, we still need your help. got to go there and vote to our website at learn more about our couple, melissa and jeremy, and check out the choices and vote for your favorite location. >> or you can head to and follow our wedding progress and we'll also be checking our page for your comments and your votes. you can also text in your votes at 62269 -- 622639, next 1 for hudson terrace, 2 for central park zoo. or 3 for gotham hall. we'll reveal the winning locations next wednesday. they're all beautiful. >> later you want to batten down the hatches and nail down the tables in the studio because the real housewives of new jersey are coming by. uh-oh. >> okay. >> before we go any further speaking of battenning things down, let's go to al, he's on the outer banks of north carolina where hurricane earl is fast approaching. al, good morning again. >> good morning, guys. again, about 350 miles south of c
," a thursday morning. that was a couple minutes ago on the rockefeller plaza when melissa and jeremy became mr. and mrs. gephardt. they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. it was a beautiful ceremony despite a little bit of drizzle in the air. you know what they say, the rain means a downpour of good luck in your marriage. >> we can use that a lot. >> and we're here with mr. and mrs. gephardt. natalie mora morales is several blocks from here where the reception is going to take place. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. the place settings are all ready and ready for melissa and family. you can see these personal and designer touches other than des celebrity, colin cowie. i can tell you taking a look at the menu, you guys will want to get a taste of this, smoked salmon napoleon, trufled eggs, appetizing, huh? and the signature cocktails i can't wbelimis and expresso martini, which is colin cowie's and we can't wait to welcome mr. an mrs. gephardt. >> we will send them down in a couple minutes. >> we have a little bit of business first. now that you're mr. and mrs. gephard
to talk to melissa and jeremy, who you met last week, they of course are our wedding couple. and they live thousands of miles apart. he is now serving in afghanistan. you picked them to get married live here on our plaza next month. so we have got a lot of decisions to make. there they are. we have got a lot of decisions to make, including the ring which we're going to talk about this morning. and also we're going to choose where to have the wedding reception. >> jeremy will be back in about a week. >>> natalee morales standing by at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. on north carolina's outer banks this morning, residents are being told to evacuate ahead of hurricane earl. the storm has weakened, but it is expected to brush the coast late thursday or early friday. people are stocking up on supplies and being warned that rip currents and strong waves. and we'll have much more on the track of the storm coming from al roker who's in north carolina j off a little bit. >>> president obama says the u.s. role in iraq is now to assist and advise iraqi security forces. the president announc
in balance, as jeremy hubbard reports. >> reporter: it is a predator's play ground. some of the most shark infested waters in the world. >> how many sharks are here? maybe 50? this is amazing. >> reporter: these sharks have likely never seen humans before. they live in one of the most remote stretches of the south pacific, where an underwater eden exists. a beautiful, wet wilderness, in peril. >> this used to be a really nice coral forest, with really big coral. but now, most of the corals are very small and most of them are dead and covered by algae. >> reporter: this man, a signist tnd national geographic explorer, has travised here with his team to measure the health of the ocean. and the best way to do that is to check the reefs. >> coral reefs are the rain forest of the sea. they have the greatest diversity in the oceans. of all the fish that live in the sea, one-third live in coral reefs. >> reporter: and the best way to know if a reef is healthy, he told us, you should look for sharks. lots and lots of sharks. sharks are a very important part of the marine ecosystem. they are like t
a tomato crayfish scramble. jeremy price, you cook here. what is going into this thing? >> we're starting with a crayfish corn and tomato salad, and we're going to add eggs, jasmine rice, some greens, and some cheese, and start it right now. >> while jeremy cooks, i'm going to talk to tom. tell us about movable feast. i mention you help people and get meals to them if they're critically ill. >> we're a 21-year-old program in baltimore. we're the only program that delivers home cooked meals to individuals who are critically ill. a lot of our cloonts have h.i.v., and that's why originally we were founded. we've since expanded our mission to people with aids, people with breast cancer, people who have other life-threatening conditions who aren't able to get out of their homes to go shopping or not well enough to prepare their meals or just don't have the resources also to make sure that they have nutritious meals each day. >> this is aing about financed raiser. they're donating 50% of the proceedsrd, but also the other restaurants, which there are 50 that are participating, are donating 20%
of an outbreak, what are you going to do? in an encore presentation here, jeremy hubbard finds out. >> reporter: welcome to one of the most expensive children's hair salons in cheek west los angeles. the typical bill, about 300 bucks. a deep tab that lordes doesn't bristle at paying. >> reporter: buzz she understand this? >> no, she thinks she has buggies in her hair. >> reporter: she's not entirely grossed out? >> no, she doesn't get it yet. >> reporter: the traumatized mom brought her daughter here after the school called a few minutes ago, saying gab yell is infested with lice. >> i called her dad and he was like, oh, my god, how did that happen? >> reporter: she is now in the hands of professional it in-pickers. they're picking hundreds of it ins and thousands of eggs from the heads of itchy children. fighting on the front lines of an unrelenting affliction now being called super-lice. >> they call it super-lice because it's kind of like antibiotics to humans. when a product is misused, a very toxic product is overused consistently on a bug, your building up a pretty strong bug, hence super
. the water department jeremy, right? >> spring valley water company. >> this on page 8 item two describes what these records are and if you go to the water department offices down across unite had had nations plaza on 1155 market street they will bring out the original document and their very efficient and quick and it takes a few minutes. they are all written on pencil on onion skin. you can find out how many horse troughs were approved and things like that which is often very useful in determining when there are multiple buildings on a residential lot it will help determine if the secondary building has a history of habitant occupancy or what occupancy it was. >> once again you can get those at what? >> 1155 market street. the manager of the water department that time gathers staff while the city was burning and some people were hauling buckets of water and somewhere hauling records out. if your researching a building that's pre 06. that's probably some of the best sources of information about your building that you will be able to find. you will be able to find who applies for the co
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appearance in a military court in washington state monday. army specialist jeremy morlock is the first of 12 u.s. soldiers accused of forming a secret kill team in afghanistan that murdered unarmed afghan civilians at random and collected body parts, such as fingers, for trophies. there also accused of using hashish, dismembering and photograph in corpses, and possessing human bones such as a skull and leg bones. earlier this year, morlock was interviewed by army investigators and acknowledged his role in the deaths of the three afghans which took place in kandahar between january and may. video of part of his confession to army investigators has been leaked to the media. in the video, and have to listen carefully, morlock admits staff sergeant calvin gibbs ordered him to kill an innocent unarmed afghan civilian. >> on monday, his attory, geoffrey nathan, defended him saying morlock was taking a variety of prescription drugs issued by the military to treat injuries he sustained in battle. he also linked the killings to overall u.s. policy in afghanistan. >> we believe a jury will exonerate m
and groom have finally been reunited for the first time in seven months. jeremy arrives home from a seven-month deployment in afghanistan, she got stateside just a short time ago. so those two back together. they are here for the first time together. so we're going to have a little fun and get to talk to them in a second. and also get to show them what wedding gown and tuxedo our viewers chose for their big day which is coming up in just a couple of weeks. >> would you like to be a brides maid in this wedding? >>> also ahead, are cupcake pans just for cupcakes? >> not really. >> there's all kinds of things you can do with your little muffin pans. that sounds so wrong, but anyway. >> let's get a check of the morning headlines. >> reporter: good morning once again, everybody, in the nude, midterm elections just seven weeks away, the tea party is boasting a key victory, christine o'donnell, upset former governor mike castle on tuesday in the battle for vice president joe biden's old senate seat. >>> charlie ranged prevailed in spite of ethics charges. >>> sarah shourd says she will now work
made worse by the wildfires in russia forcing an export ban on wheat. we sent jeremy bowen to colorado where wheat is undoubtedly the new cash crop. >> it is the new land of plenty. combine's are rolling through the golden crops, bringing in the profits. as fast as the grain is taken from the fields, it is pumped down . it is being done -- it is being pumped down the line. this colorado farmer knows that the devastating droughts and wildfires in russia have forced up the value of wheat across the world. last year, this field was not worth the price of irrigation. next year's crop is in the ground, and the raiders are growing -- going -- the irrigators are going. >> we are profitable. three months ago, we left this field fallow because it would not be profitable. now we have the opportunity to plant fall we can make a substantial profit. >> with the russian export and taking a huge amount of wheat out of the market, there is a growing demand for other countries like america to make up the shortfall. >> this goes way beyond the simple equations of supply and demand. this is an internatio
] >> in place of supervisor mirkarimi, we have his aide, jeremy. >> jeremy pollack from supervisor mirkarimi's office. he regrets that he could not be here. he wrote me from venezuela, and he has enjoyed working with you on lafco, and he invites you down there to set up a satellite office to deal with their pollution problems. in addition to promoting clean energy, he has admired the way you jump into medical care in this policy and the way you advance that, so we have an idea we would like to share with you. [applause] it is a little complicated. a legislative idea we hope you would run with. a solar powered cannabis cultivation facility. [applause] we need to get the wind blowing in here to get it working. but it was something we hope you could put forward into legislation. [applause] >> thank you. now, for supervisor campos. supervisor campos: i think this is a great idea, and i think it is specially made for district 7. i do not know about you. [laughter] i want to thank my colleagues for their graciousness and my staff'. i'm going to kill you for doing this, but seriously, thank you ver
. this is made worse by the export ban on meat in russia. we sent jeremy cooke to colorado where weeds is undoubtedly the cash crop. >> -- where wheat is undoubtably the cash crop. >> they are bringing in the bumper crop and as fast as the green is taken from the prairie, -- the grain is taken from the prairie, it is swallowed up. this colorado farmer knows that drought and wildfires in russia have forced up the value of wheat. now he believes he is looking at pay dirt. the irrigators are rolling with a promise of profits ahead. >> be at spring or winter wheat, we have a profit where three months ago we left this field fallow because we did not have the rotations you plant the spring thaw wheat. >> with the russian export ban taking a huge amount of wheat out of the market, it is up to other countries like america to make up the shortfall. this is not just supply and demand. the prices are not set here in the fields of colorado, but on the trading floors of the global exchanges. it is here in chicago where fortunes are set on the future prices of wheat. what happened here affects the p
it if you want. i will call it. ok. commissioner joseph? ok. even without a quorum. there is shaw, jeremy, do a business as mission community market on bark-less street. this is about allowing or permitting amplified sound every thursday through july 14, 2011, from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. that is the application in front of you. a little bit of background is that after having applied for a loudspeaker permit after obtaining a street closure permit, the permit in front of you is requesting this with various groups associated with the market and takes place on bartlett street between 21st and 22nd. while many residents support the market, and a bit concerned about the noise level. staff also received one email. there was an additional email that you will probably hear about in support of the application. the permit for your consideration is one that would cover the time frame of the street closure, every thursday, like i said, mid july 2011. mission station was not able to send anything in writing but had some concern over these issues, which we heard about this evening, and there was con
schoolyards. they now adorn the wrists of rock and roll royalty. for jeremy hubbard, well, that is a "sign of the times." >> reporter: not since the implant has a silicone accessory caused this much buzz. celebrities are sporting them. schoolchildren fighting over them. they've been banned in some classrooms. just today, justin bieber came out with his own line of them. you can imagine the insanity that will follow. these are silly bands. the $100 million business behind this fad. >> we're definitely the brand leader and we're the creator of the craze. you know, with every day, there's a new knockoff brand or a nonbranded silly bands knockoff that's out there. >> reporter: robert kroek is the ceo of silly bands which are, as you may have already noticed, glorified rubber bands. they take on different shapes like animals when they're not stretched around your wrist. at the company's ohio headquarters, they can't package them fast enough. stores are selling out. parents asking to be put on waiting lists. just how crazy is this craze? silly bandz has a facebook page with nearly 400,000 fans.
young to get into or at the olympics in front of 3 billion. jeremy hubbard joins the teen, and her mom, for a day on the town. ♪ sweet lovely ♪ ♪ lady be good ♪ ♪ oh lady be good to me ♪ >> reporter: say the name ella fitzgerald to a teen, you'll get a blank stare. billie hollholliday they'll ask, who is he? but nikki not only knows the jazz great ss, she might be one of them. ♪ who can ask for anything more ♪ >> reporter: a tv audience of 3 billion people watched her sing at the opening ceremony of the olympics. ♪ o canada ♪ >> reporter: she had a number one song in her home country of canada. ♪ i believe in the power that comes ♪ >> reporter: with a voice that would leave simon cowell speechless. >> i don't consider myself to be a big deal. i'm just nikki, you know? >> reporter: we spent a day on the town with the 16-year-old and her mom. and, at every turn, she found musical inspiration beyond her years. >> billie holliday is playing. >> reporter: you have an ear for it? >> it's disticket. it's like leal, you hear it once and you know it's he
needed help building new front steps, jeremy needed help refinishing his garage. >> this is great, guys. >> reporter: and amy needed help moving an old freezer. >> there's been a loss of that sense of community and people helping each other out. it's a neat idea. >> reporter: that idea is a handyman's social networking site. >> this is facebook with productivin. involved.ti >> reporter: the site connects neighbors coast to coast who need help with odd jobs offering project tips, even a place to share tools. >> reporter: in these economic times homeowners want to save, contractors are hustling to find new business. >> reporter: but it's creators say davezillion is about something more. >> it's not about money. it's about communities building communities again. >> reporter: ed helped jeremy with his garage because jeremy m helped ed with a new roof. keith is helping with the freezer because chris helped him build a railing. what makes it so special, of course, is dave, but no has ever met this perfect connecticut neighbor. sadly, never will. dave is dave siegeal, just a reg
-style bulbs to make way for more efficient ones. jeremy hubbard sheds a little light on the story. >> reporter: the bright idea that illuminated the world is reaching a less than glowing end. this week, ge is shuttering this plant in winchester, virginia, its last u.s. factory producing plain old incandescent lightbulbs. new energy standards will ought but ban the bulbs. most of which are made overseas. seems the invention that thomoh edison perfected 130 years ago is flickering and fading. >> this is edison's private experimental room at the laboratory. one of the things he was working on a lot in the late 1880s and early 1890s were ways of improving the electric lamp. >> reporter: edison historian paul israel says the great inventor would be torn about the change. >> on the one hand, he would have been disappointed. on the other hand, edison was always somebody kind of looking forward. one of the things he was always very interested in was more efficient ways to generate electricity. so he would have seen that as the future. >> reporter: the incandescent bulb might be edison's most important
proud here in alaska of melissa and jeremy, jeremy is actually stationed here as one of our airmen in airmen. >> senator murkowski, thanks. >> now let's get a check of the the rest of the morning's top stories from tamron hall who's filling in for ann. >>> a new book by bob woodward is outlining deep divisions at the white house over the war in afghanistan with advisors arguing over the war and some doubting if the president's strategy will work. nbc's chief war correspondent chuck todd joins us, so some big disagreements we're talking about? >> we're hearing about the diplomatic side and the -- the white house is already reacting to the book this morning. senior administration official putting out a fairly lengthy memo about the book, saying these policy divisions were well known at the time, this is the way the president operates, he wants different points of views, he wants a lot of information before he comes to a decision. so in many ways they're downplaying these divisions and saying, nothing to see here. we'll see if there's personnel recriminations down the road. >> another
get lost in the mix. some ideas on how you and our wedding couple jeremy and melissa can add a personal touch to the celebration. good to see everybody. >> good morning. >> guys a week to go, how are you holding up? >> we're so excited. we can't wait to see how everything turns out. >> jeremy is just like vibrating. >> okay, you're going to show us "today" thr today three items that can really help personalize the wedding. >> it's important to think about the comfort of t guests because this is your first joint statement as spouses. so you want to make them as comfortable as possible. >> it's fun to provide the ladies with one of these wraps. you can put embroidly on the bottom. so it's about $12 apiece. >> that's all? >> what about the menu? >> i love the idea of personalizing the menus by putting your name on the top. it makes you feel welcome. >> this replaces the postcard and this does allow you to balance the images a the table. we have smoked salmon and then moved on to some truffled scrambled eggs. moving on to sliced mango and wedding cape. >> this would be a good kee
, and the cast is amazing. jeremy renner from "the hurt locker." very well acted. i give this 4 kerneled out of 5. and it's worth seeing. it's not a typical bank robbery movie. you know how they have the same cliches. >> i'm jealous. you saw a great movie for the third week in a row, i did not. still some debate whether this is real, an actual documentary or not. the plot is simple. this guy is an artist, connects through facebook with this family based upon his art, gets the hots for the older sister, goes to find her, track her down in michigan, the whole story is this is not what he expected at all. take a look at the buildup to the relationship. >> hey, megan? hey, it's me. >> hi, how are you? >> your voice is not at all what i expected. no, it's -- it's -- it's, uh -- it's a terrific voice, i just -- i don't know. i guess you never really think of a voice when you know somebody. in a certain way. >> all right, 2 1/2 kernels. whatever you do, do not believe the marketing. this is not some suspenseful mystery, this is not "blair witch." >>> bermuda's blast. hurricane igor hammers the island th
. jeremy has served the past seven months in ago. last night, finally, he and melissa were reunited here in new york. we'll chat with them and unveil the wedding gown and tux she selected for their big day, which is fast approaching. >> happy for them. >>> let's begin with the results of the final primaries before november's midterm elections and what they mean for both parties. we'll talk to christine o'donnell about her surprise victory in delaware in just a moment. but first, kelly o'donnell has the latest. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. well, the tea party has toppled conventional wisdom again, and here in delaware, the result is both shocking and convincing, because it wasn't close. the most popular republican in the state, mike castle, he is out. democrats are suddenly very excited and o'donnell says, don't count her out in a fight to get the seat that joe biden held for 36 years. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. >> reporter: the conservative rebellions rolled over delaware's republican party brass. >> don't ever underes
on monday. army specialist jeremy morlock is the first of 12 u.s. soldiers accused of forming a secret kill team in afghanistan that allegedly blew up andhot afghan silly and that random and collected their fingers as trophies. -- afghan civilians and collected their fingers as trophies. video of part of morlock's confession to army investigators has been the to the media. in the video, morlock admits staff sergeant calvin gibbs ordered him to kill an innocent unarmed afghan civilian. >> on monday, army specialist jeremy morlock's attorney defended his client. >> first of all, he did not cause the death of any of those individuals. he was present, as was everyone else inhe platoon, at the time of the shootings, but many of the individuals went along for the ride and did not really have a choice. if your sources us to go and designated someone and threatens to -- if your sergeant says to go and he throws a grenade at someone and threatens you will be beaten or killed by him, the annual role play along with it. >> the army is intended to prevent the release of dozens of photographs that repor
showed you how jeremy price here has whipped up this cry february tomato scramble. hopefully that will get you hungry for breakfast this morning, and hopefully hungry enough to come out to clementine or any of the other 49 participating restaurants for this thursday, september 23. at least 20% to 50% of the proceeds from that night go to movable feast, a great charity. with me now is the executive director of movable feast. what is it that you guys do? >> wr a home delivered meal program for people who have critical illness. we were founded to serve people with h.i.v. and aids. we also bring meals to people who have breast cancer and other life-threatening conditions. >> so if you want to find out who's participating or how to get involved this thursday, what do you do? on you on you go to our website, >> it's this thursday. we're also going to be cooking some more this morning. jeremy, you have a really interesting dish. what are you talking about? what is it we're making? >> we are cooking oysters in a hard cider au jus. >> basically it's the cheek of a pig, rig
jeremy hall. when they searched his home they found other items from montgomery county homes. the owner said they are glad he invested in the cameras. >> i got home and the window, i went to the video and looked. >> he will face more charges for the other stolen items. the person who recognized hall will get a reward. in the studio, lin is a so. >>> three minutes after 6:00. bt county police believe this man is responsible for assaults and crimes in the woodlawn area. and he faces charges including sex offenses and indecent exposure. they started -- started back at june. a second crime occurred in july on franklin avenue. they released a sketch of the suspect. and officers on patrol happened to find the man matching the drawing. evidence led them to the man charged and he can face more charges as the police investigation continues. >>> attorneys reached a settlement involving a fatal crash whack in the summer of 2008. and 57-year-old john short swerved his tractor-trailer to avoid hitting a car. short's family has agreed to a $100,000 settlement. an investigation determined that baldwi
see sizing up the home, the video shows him carrying out the goods. they arrested jeremy hall of silver spring. they found other stolen goods, primarily from montgomery county homes. the home ownership is glad he invested in the cameras. >> and get them off the street, that's a help for nip. that's great to have that -- for anyone. it is great to have that outcome. >> he will face other charges. the person who recognized hall from the video will get a $500 reward. >>> city council says repairing the aging schools could cost them close to $3 billion. the committee held hearings for improving school facilities to the tune of $2.8 billion. and mary pat clark says it is challenging and going to be something tough for the city to face and the people of baltimore to improve the learning environment. >> there is no heat and when the roof leaks the windows are all foggy. it makes a difference to the teacher's ability to teach. >> they are are achieving more and important to provide quality facilities. >>> things are back to normal after it was impossible to use credit cards or debit c
carrying out the stolen goods through the front door. jeremy hall from silver spring was arrested. they found other items, mainly from montgomery county homes. the homeowner is glad he invested in the cameras. >> get him off the street. that's a help for anyone. that's great to have. >> he will face more charges for the other items. police say the person who recognized him from the videotape will get a reward. this is linda so. >>> police believe that this man is responsible for a number of sexual assaults in the woodlawn area. he faces charges including sex offenses and intee crept exposure. they started in june with the assault at monica place. another crime occurred the 24th when the police were called to frank lin avenue for an attempted rape. >>> officials are facing a lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges that in december 2007 officials at up with school failed to protect a student's rights by not interviewing a student on student violence. and intervening in a situation. a group of five children were involved in this. the victim's family says he now suffers from symptoms of post tra
steps, jeremy needed help refinishing his garage. >> this is great, guys. >> reporter: amy needed help to move an old freezer. >> there's a loss of a sense of community and people helping each other out, so it's a neat idea. >> that idea is, a handyman social networking site. >> this is facebook with productivity involved. >> reporter: it connects neighbors coast to coast who need help with odd jobs offering product tips and a place to share tools. >> homeowners want to save, contractors have problems finding new business. this is like handing it to you. >> reporter: they say davezillion is about something more. >> i think it's about communities helping each other. >> ed helped jeremy with the garage because he helped ed with a new roof. keith is helping chris with the freezer because chris helped him build a railing. >> the idea is so simple. you're lending a hand. >> reporter: what makes it so special is the nachlt nobody who takes advantage of this website has never met this perfect connecticut neighbor and sadly never will. dave is dave segal, a regular guy, a famil
installed just weeks ago after the first time he was burglarized. cameras, police say, that caught jeremy hall clear as day. >> i just got the fen call about an hour ago and it was really great news. i feel a lot better. >> the owner of the home would rather stay off camera instead letting the images of his new home security system speak for itself. he was hoping when it he handed it over to police it would help. little did he know it would be mere hours after he released it to the media that hall would be picked up and booked. >> i thought i would never find anything but of course i got home last week that day and found the back bedroom window was broken into and first thing i did was go to the video and look. >> he got numerous tips but one of the ones we received early on was from a caller that provided us with really good information and we made an arrest today. >> but the total amount of charges hall faces may still be pending. montgomery county police have seized the silver spring home of jeremy hall. squad cars sat in front of his house as they waited for a signed warrant to search
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